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Madrid based singer and songwriter Sara del Valle has grown surrounded by music and art. Performing professionally from an early age, Sara’s voice is sensitive, emotional and powerful, blending an early gospel music influence with modern soul and R&B glimpses.

After establishing herself as a skilled vocalist she has portrayed her musical insight in ‘Isaac’, Sara’s self-released debut album. ‘Isaac’ is a soulful 9 track compilation that melds emotional and introspective lyrics with colorful and organic instrumentation, each song delving into experiences and emotions that anyone can face in daily situations. Mixed in London by Jim MacRae (Jordan Rakei, Yakul) and produced along with Pablo del Fresno and Álvaro Corrochano, the album is conceived with an eminently DIY approach, and without genres limitation, it flows from dark and dense harmonies to melancholic ballads, groove-laced songs, synthesizers or even pop melodies, stating that they are not afraid of mixing up and open their music to wider audiences, whilst pursuing their sound solely on their own.

Composed between London and Madrid, the album is conceived as a ‘room’ of emotional states represented in each song. It is a musical expression that shows the way I feel about certain experiences and feelings that anyone could face in daily situations.

-¨‘Isaac’ was my grandfather’s name, and this project is a kind of tribute towards him. Reflecting our personality. ¨ Sara Del Valle


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