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From the alchemical merging of "Metal" music and the aesthetics of "Steampunk", an unlikely synthesis is born, giving rise to "Dallian", a band hoping to fill a void in this still very underexplored fusion.

Rising in 2017 from the centre of Portugal, in the small city of Leiria,
Dallian is a band with roots on a solid background of modern Death Metal with added virtuosity of symphonic elements, all arranged in progressive dynamics.
"I really appreciate the complexity and textures you can get from using orchestral elements." Explains Carlos, "This larger sound pallet adds more depth to the chord progressions. We didn´t limit ourselves to the orchestra standard too, implementing also more obscure, less common traditional instruments from several different cultures, which contributes to the exotic feel of our work. "

Aesthetics contribute a lot to the overall sound of the band, elevating it with a grittier, darker form of steampunk. Thus, this concept not only lets our music’s sonic qualities shine through, but also its lyrical contents, which rely on the occult, spirituality, internal human conflict and human enlightenment typical of the Victorian era.

"It is very story driven. “Emphasises Carlos, "Most of our lyrical content relies very heavily in a story telling element. The emphasis is mainly on the bleaker side of a steampunk society, instead of a more mainstream "glamorous" approach on this fictional setting."

It is exactly that motif we find painted on the canvas of the group´s debut album "Automata". An one hour epic, due to release 25th May, 2018, thus setting in motion the band´s inaugural national tour at full steam!

"We also rely on the psychology of the filthy greed of the human being, representing it visually as a pig and his gluttony, a metaphor in a context of political world domination. However..." Carlos pauses reflective, before he resumes "...there is always a silver lining to counter balance such darkness, thus resulting in an allegory of the human condition, a deconstruct of norms, human nature and, in essence, duality."

“All of this is Dallian.”


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