Bones of Minerva

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NEW SONG - Recorded live at The Metal Factory Studios (Madrid), May 2019.
History runs through her veins
Nourishing every cell
From her marrow to her skin
All sacred things live within.

Inhaling through her
Feeding from her pores.

Fear grips me
Yet I understand
She will live long beyond
The fall of man.

She turned her wounds
Into fangs
To devour our greed and rage.

There's no enough hate
To destroy her fate.

She's stronger, she's ethereal, she is matter, she's eternal.


BONES OF MINERVA cogieron hace unas semanas sus instrumentos, una pala dorada, unos amigos, unas cámaras y se dirigieron a las montañas de la sierra madrileña. Además de oxigenar cuerpo y mente como hacen habitualmente, llevaban la idea de intentar reinventar y grabar uno de sus temas más poderosos: Privilege.

 All you've got doesn't come from above, is not a gift from the gods.
 All you own just because you were born on the right piece of land.

 You don't have the courage to feel empathy anymore.
 Killed your integrity in cold blood.

 How dare you condemn an entire race, based on your petty self.

 You don’t have the courage to feel empathy anymore.
 Sold your bravery for a seedy comfort.

 From your shell,
 Where you don't bleed.
 From your shell,
 Where you don't feel,
 Don't see.

 You're aware of everything, aware of everything, aware of everything…
Sonido - Juan Reyes
Fotografía - Jorge Moreno
Cámara - Gonzalo de Francisco
Montaje - Rodrigo Wallace
Realización - Ricardo Rosado

Música - Bones of Minerva
Letra - Blue Rodríguez

Booking/Contact :


Teaser de nuestro próximo vídeo disponible el 27 de Junio, por Ricardo Rosado y Rodrigo Wallace


Taken from the debut album Blue Mountains ¡out now!

Available from our website
Free streaming on spotify, soundcloud and bandcamp

Lyric Video by Gonzalo de Francisco

Produced by Alex Cappa
Assistant Engineer Danny Lights
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Metal Factory Studios, Spain